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Beach Stroll Bowl (Day), 2023



The Beach Stroll Bowl (Day) is a captivating pottery item that beautifully captures the essence of Hong Kong's vibrant daytime seascape. Meticulously crafted, this bowl measures 18cm in diameter and 10cm in height, making it a versatile and eye-catching piece.
The exterior of the bowl features a distinctive textured surface that evokes the feeling of sand beneath your fingertips. This unique design element adds an element of tactile interest and helps to transport you to the beach. Cascading down from the rim of the bowl is a series of layered blue glazes, beautifully mimicking the movement of the sea as it meets the sandy shore.
Inside the bowl, a mesmerizing play of colors awaits. Different shades of blue and white glazes create a captivating representation of the ocean and waves. These colors merge and blend together, immersing you in a serene aquatic ambiance. Whether used as a decorative item or as a functional bowl, this pottery piece is sure to bring the tranquility of the beach to your living space.
The Beach Stroll Bowl (Day) is not just a pottery item; it is an artistic translation of the dynamic and awe-inspiring beauty found along Hong Kong's coastline. With its thoughtful design and meticulous craftsmanship, this bowl promises to be a centerpiece that captivates and enchants.

Made In

Hong Kong


Fired Clay & Glaze


18cm x 10cm

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