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Mario Luca Giusti Collection — Baroque Meets Pop Art in Versatile Acrylic Homeware

The expressive nature of art often finds its way into our homes through thoughtfully designed homeware, and Mario Luca Giusti's collection is no exception. This innovative creator masterfully merges the intricate opulence of Baroque design with the bold, lighthearted energy of Pop Art, birthing a range of versatile and exquisite acrylic pieces that add a touch of joy and sophistication to your living spaces.

As champions of unique design-led luxury homeware brands, Belevivi is proud to present the Mario Luca Giusti Collection, which exudes a playful and eye-catching aesthetic ideal for those looking to elevate their home décor. In this article, we delve into the inspiration behind this exciting fusion of artistic styles and explore the stunning and functional offerings within the Mario Luca Giusti Collection. Discover how these exceptional pieces allow for creative expression while enhancing the vibrancy and elegance of your home.

Unveiling the Mario Luca Giusti Collection

The Mario Luca Giusti Collection's distinctive range of homeware pieces offers artful and practical additions to your living spaces. With their blend of baroque and pop art influences, these versatile items offer the perfect balance between elegant design and enjoyment for both interiors and exteriors.

Imagine setting your table with homeware that is not only functional but also a conversation starter. Our Mario Luca Giusti products are designed to be at the centre of your dining experience, whether you’re hosting an intimate dinner or a lively spring party.

  • Palla Pitcher (Orange): Add a splash of colour to your table with this eye-catching pitcher. The vibrant orange hue and classic design make it a perfect companion for both casual and formal gatherings. Ideal for serving refreshing beverages or simply as a stunning decor piece.
  • Turquoise Lente Tumbler (Set of 6): Serve your drinks in style with these striking turquoise tumblers. Their unique textured design allows for a comfortable grip and adds an artistic flair to every sip.
  • White Lente Salad Bowl: Elevate your salad presentation with this elegant white bowl. It's perfect for showcasing your culinary creations with its simple yet stylish aesthetic.
  • Turquoise Fulmine Salad Bowl: This beautifully designed bowl adds a touch of sophistication to your serving essentials. Its exquisite pattern and vibrant turquoise colour will enhance the visual appeal of any dish.
  • Blue Antartica Wine Bucket: Keep your beverages chilled in style. This remarkable wine bucket is not just practical but also a decorative piece that catches the eye with its brilliant blue colour and sleek design.

Outdoor Elegance and Indoor Charm

Our collection captures the essence of versatility. These pieces are equally magnificent whether gracing an elegant dinner indoors or adding glamour to a casual outdoor setting. Their robust acrylic composition ensures that they are not only beautiful but also durable and suitable for use by the pool or on the deck of a boat. Enjoy the luxury of having homeware that is as functional as it is artistically captivating.

Craft Your Own Stylish Sanctuary

We believe that your home should be a reflection of your unique style and passions. Our Mario Luca Giusti collection invites you to express your creative self. Mix and match these fabulous pieces to create a personalised look that’s tailored to your taste and lifestyle. Whether you're setting a table for a festive occasion or looking for that perfect piece to complete your home's aesthetic, we provide the craftsmanship and style that you need.

Your home or yacht becomes a canvas with our Mario Luca Giusti collection. Every pitcher, tumbler, and salad bowl offers you an opportunity to paint your surroundings with bursts of colour, luxurious textures, and striking designs that captivate and charm. Embrace this Spring season with open arms and a spirit of adventure, transforming your living spaces into artisanal showcases that reflect not only timeless elegance but also a radiant, contemporary vibe.

Celebrate Spring with Mario Luca Giusti’s Vibrant Homeware

In conclusion, our curated Mario Luca Giusti collection offers more than just homeware; it’s a vibrant celebration of art, style, and functionality, perfect for the spring season. These pieces beautifully combine the grandiosity of the Baroque era with the bright, energetic vibes of Pop Art, providing a unique aesthetic that complements both the elegance of indoor settings and the casual luxury of outdoor spaces. As you welcome the brighter days of spring, let us help you elevate your entertainment and living areas with homeware that stands out for its exquisite design and practical versatility.

Browse through Belevivi today to discover the vast range of sustainable luxury homewares available, including organic bedding, throws, cushions, and the captivating Mario Luca Giusti collection. Elevate your interiors and incorporate elegance, practicality, and sustainability into your home — it’s time to usher in a new season of mindful living and conscious luxury with Belevivi.

Experience the unique blend of baroque and pop art with Belevivi's Mario Luca Giusti Collection of acrylic homeware! Our collection of eye-catching and versatile acrylic homeware is perfect for those looking to add a touch of elegance to their home without sacrificing practicality. 


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