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Five Ways to Upgrade your Tablescape for Chinese New Year

It’s Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year), which means it’s time for a week full of festive celebrations.  Lunar New Year is a time to drum up all the age-old traditions and welcome a few new ones, too. It remains one of most important holidays for Chinese. It is a time all about gathering loved ones together to enjoy each other’s company. With Chinese New Year fast approaching, planning the upcoming celebrations is at the top of our to-dos.  

In preparing for Chinese New Year, it is a great opportunity to glam up your table décor and have fun with styling. Since Chinese culture encourages specific beliefs that are associated with fortune, wealth, prosperity, and happiness, there are plenty of unique elements you could add to your table. We are sharing some of our tablescaping tips to help get you organized and your creative ideas flowing in time for Chinese New Year.


When setting a table, always think of your theme first. Since you’ll be setting a table for Chinese New Year, you are already halfway there. But there’s more to consider such as if you want to set a modern or more traditional table, color, etc. Once you have your theme in place the rest of your tables will start to take shape.


For Chinese New Year there are certain colors to consider and use to set an auspicious and lucky table to welcome in the new year. When working with a color, you may opt to do a monochromatic scheme or choose a dominant color and accent with contrasting colors. If you choose to go all the way and do multiple colors, use colors that complement each other and choose one of two of the colors to be the more dominant on the table.

Red is the color of choice for most on Chinese New Year and is considered to be lucky & auspicious. Wishing one good fortune, and joy. Adding red linen napkins or glassware is an easy way to make sure your table is ready for the new year.

Yellow symbolizes prosperity, hope, royalty and power. It is a prestigious color in Chinese history and culture, or emperor’s color, because some emperors in the ancient times reserved yellow for their own exclusive use.  Add hints of yellow to your table with these charming napkin rings, enamel cutlery or ceramic plates.

Gold signifies glory, prosperity and good Fortune Adding elements of gold is often used often during Chinese New Year, as it symbolizes wealth and richness. Add elements of gold with bamboo cutlery or candle holders to make sure this element is included on your table.

Mix and Match

Try using different patterned dinnerware, cutlery, and glassware to make an interesting table that your guests will be sure to appreciate. You will be surprised that mixing things up actually works and gives you a noteworthy tablescape.  Since this is a celebratory event using your best tableware adds to the sense of occasion. Set the table with porcelain dinnerware to impress family and friends. Mix elements, shapes, heights, textures, and patterns for a dramatic look. A bold printed tablecloth, with woven placemats, patterned glassware and classic linens is a perfect way to achieve this mixed element look.

dress up your CNY table


Fresh flowers always look beautiful on a table, especially in gorgeous vases or pitchers. If you don’t have them on hand, opt for fresh fruit such as oranges and tangerines to give your table for an added dramatic flourish.  Oranges, kumquats and tangerines are common Chinese New Year food items because they're believed to bring good luck and happiness. The Chinese words for orange and tangerine closely resemble the words for luck and wealth.  Set your table with simple crystal bowls filled with tangerines to add some good fortune to your guests.

Chinese new year table setting

Final Details

When setting a beautiful table the final details are the most important. After you have spent all your time coming up with a theme, mixing elements on your table and finalizing colors the small details at the end can complete your vision. The very first thing that catches our eye when we sit down at a dinner party is the table décor for the simple reason that the food has not been served yet. Making sure your cutlery Is not an afterthought, the serveware compliments the table and even adding details such as place cards will make sure your guests are impressed to be invited and sitting at your table.

Wishing you and all your loved ones a very Happy Chinese New Year! Gong hei fat choy!


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